Freezer Van and Cold Room


Advanced refrigerated vans are great way of preserving perishable goods like fruits & vegetables , Frozen foods
,Poultry , fish milk, Ice –cream, Cake , Pastry, horticulture , Pharmaceuticals products , chemicals, Beverage etc. help
you to make timely delivers and gain in edge in your business.

Apart from that we are offering ability to maintain cold and frozen temperature’s all the way to -35 degree Celsius
to +20 degree Celsius.( Eutectic and Conventional both) with our temperature controlled truck bodies ranging from 8
ft to 24+ ft. in length ,Insulated vehicle conversion and customized vehicle inserts. Beside we can do mini cold room &
Cold store.

Eutectic Van

3HP Semi-hermetic Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor
Technical Data
Displacement (1450 RPM 50Hz)  16,24 m3/h 
Displacement (1750 RPM 60Hz)  19,60 m3/h 
No. of cylinder x bore x stroke  2 x 55 mm x 39,3 mm 
Motor voltage (more on request)  380..420V Y/3/50Hz
Max operating current  8.5A
Winding ratio 
Starting current (Rotor locked)  35.0A Y
Weight  70 kg 
Max. pressure (LP/HP)  19 / 28 bar 

TM 16 Valeo (Japan)

Compressor TypeSELTEC STYLE
Part DescriptionCOMP TM-16 Ear 8GR 123mm (4.8″) 12V Single Wire

Thermal Master

T400B is a battery powered refrigeration unit and a cooling system designed for fresh applications on small trucks and vans.
No compressor in the engine compartments is needed, which allows the vehicle to run its original AC system.

Thermal Master

T-3000 is refrigeration units for medium & large size trucks.
Quicker pull-down
High airflow
Higher cooling capacity
Suitable for extreme ambient conditions

Cold Room Install

"Their service is so far so good, as I recommend them for BUS AC, Cold room"
Managing Director