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From Germany Carry on the classical 


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  • Machine room passenger elevator

AOTE RAMBO small room / MRL adhere to the principles of streamlined and efficient, not only for the building to save more space and beautify the building structure, and run lightweight and agile, fast green, is your rare favorite choice.

  • Residential elevator

Unique emergency self-help function, trapped when a power failure or failure of people to help themselves by pressing the button inside the car, to achieve self-help; this feature will AOTE RAMBO villa elevator safety performance improvement, even the elderly or children, nor trapped in the elevator.

  • Freight elevator

AOTE RAMBO freight elevator performance far better than similar products in the industry, excellent structure and high intensity car design, in all kinds of work for a few under can ease. From the factory, the production line, exhibition halls to warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, every place AOTE RAMBO freight elevator to provide safe and efficient cargo program.

  • Observation elevator

The clubs, the bars, the live shows. There is so much to do in Tel Aviv, and so little time to do it.

  • Machine roomless elevator

Enjoy the finest cuizine Israel has to offer, from local Israeli street food to the top chef menus.  

  • Hospital elevator

If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Explore the TA music scene and find out what it’s all about.

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